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Hey Super Chatters - On Tuesday, May 28th we made some improvements to the Excite Super Chat client. So whether you already have an older client installed or are new to Super Chat, you'll need to download this newest client now. Please make sure you have disabled any Anti-virus software BEFORE beginning this download.

NOTE: This application currently does not work with a Mac operating system or WebTV and you must be using Internet Explorer to successfully download this application.

Using Internet Explorer:
Click the Download Now button or link.
In the download window, Select "Run this program from its current location" and click "Ok"
In the Security Warning window, click "Yes" to install Super Chat
After the download is complete, you will see the message "Excite Private Messenger has been successfully installed."

Please Note: Depending on your Internet connection speed, saving and installing Super Chat can take up to a few minutes.

Download Now!

When you have finished installing, click here to start chatting in

Installation failed? Check our CHAT FAQ for help downloading the Super Chat client